Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Friend of Age :) :)

The time of those days when never used to run home,
Waiting for the sun to go down and then run home,
Still to remember the places of joys and sorrows,
To play with friends and to member the days of play.

It Was those days to meet a friend like you,
For that sweet day to have a sweet friend,
You are my friend and that is true, for the gift given from me to you,
Those were the moments which we shared may be good or bad, happy or sad,
Yet to have a cute friend like you besides me in all those moments.

A friend of whom I think,
A friend on whom I rely,
A friend who is sweet and the things to go round a touch.

A place for you may not be in sight but in my heart,
A gift for you may not be the monuments but my friendship,
A wish for you may not be a life but for the success u achieve,
A star may not be your dream to touch but to shine like it is on this earth,
you are my friend who can never be forgotten.

I thank my life's journey which included you in it,
I wish your paths lead to success
I wish a path of roses for such a wonderful friend,
I wish you a blanket of smiles,
lots of love for my Sweet Friend.


  1. Wonderful voice throughout this poem. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Good luck with this blog. I look forward to sharing your journey here :)

  2. It is a beautiful poem witha smooth flow.I liked it very much.

  3. Septermbermom :- Thanks A Bunch For Your Kind Visit And Also For Encouraging Words :) :) Keep Visiting :) :)

  4. KP :- Thanks A Lot For Your Kind Visit As Well As For Cherishable Words. Kindly Keep Visiting Sir :) :)

  5. Hey, first time here..and i thank you so much for giving me ur blog address.. i'm so excited to be here and to read the poems written by you.. It reminded me the style of my another good blogger friend..

    u have written it with full of emotions and a true bond between twi frnds..

    well done and keep it up..:)

  6. Lovely poem.:)
    Like the flow in your poem.:)

  7. thanks for all the comments

  8. Friends are Gods gifts!your poem is excellent.Kindly visit my blog.warm regards.