Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friends !!!!!!!

A Star that glitters,

A Relation that matters,

A Person that is important,
For the life to live and to leave the world,
never to its ends,

Is that for what friends are?

Cute as a doll,

Beautiful as a baby,

Shining like a star,

Glittering like a diamond,

Is my friend , shy yet laughing!! simple yet loving!!!

‘O’ friend ‘O’ friend,

Never apart would live from you,

Never my presence would make you feel lonely,

Never a moment i think to leave you,

Never the distance would leave us scattered.

To be with you till the end of the life,
To share their presence at all times,
To make you happy in times of distress,
To show you the way of life,

Is that for what friends are?

Never think to leave such friend if you get one,

Thanks to the ONE who made me to meet such a friend,

Thought of nothing but still to get a wonderful friend,

May not be a chance but a luck to follow me,
Just a wish to keep this friend forever!!!!!!!

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  1. Hearty Welcome To Blogosphere :)

    Excellent Beautiful Poem !!!!!!! Speaks About Indepth Feelings !!

    Wish You All The Very Best Success For Upcoming Posts!!

    You Are An Excellent Writer.....Keep It Up!!!!!!! Keep Blogging!! Enjoy Your Stay!!