Saturday, August 7, 2010

Special Heart To A Special Sis!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Never in my dreams had thought to meet you,
Never had a feeling to get a friend,
For the decision of god,
To make meet such a special person,
To view my feelings and ideas.

That was a day to be holiday,
People in sleep and birds in rest,
That was a day to be wonderful,
For the morning breeze to touch my heart,
That was the day of my life,
To meet an angel in the dark.

The days we spent together are less,
But the memories which we have created have wonders,
It may b a game of play or a play of dreams,
Yet to find you to be the maker.
May not be those days to return, but undying memories to grave in my heart.

For the person like you, adds difference to my life,
May be you are far from me but not from my heart,
A day of life with you,
Never to depart from you,
But to be there like the light of the star,
So much caring and understanding,
Is my sis simple yet loving!!!!!