Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winning The Race With Time & Patience.

Ambitious Filled Young Girl, An Athletic Had Practiced For Almost 5Yrs To Participate In The 10000m's Running Competition. One Day On Her Way Back Home From College, She  Met With An Accident & Her Left Leg Was Seriously Injured Along With The Knee Fracture. She Lost All Her Hopes When She Got Back Conscious Lying On The Bed In Hospital.

The Orthopedic Also Said That, She Couldn't Run Anymore. Tissues In Her Legs Are Severely Damaged. He Explained The Injury Caused To Her. She Almost Died Mentally Listening To What Doctor Said. After Two Days, She Met A Old Woman Who Also Occupied An Empty Bed In The Same Ward. Old Woman Unable To See Girl's Tears, Asked The Reason of Her Silent Cries. The Girl Narrated Entire Happening.

Then, Old Woman Being A Caring Grandma, Said The Girl That, She Too Was An Athletic. She Had Received Many Gold Medals. When, She Had To Participate In Olympic Games Fell Down During Her Practice. Her Knee And Ankle Joint Was Fractured. Doctor Said Not To Participate Anymore. But, I Was Determined, Self Confident And Told Doctor That, I Will Definitely Participate. I Had Hardly 6months Left With Me To Cope Up And To Build Up The Same Stamina To Run For 10000M's.

Finally, God's Grace Within 4Weeks Equal To One Month I Almost Started Walking And Within 2 More Weeks I Started Running Slowly. Like This Steadily I Increased My Speed And Devoted Most of The Time In Practicing In Race.

And Finally, The Day of Competition Arrived Like A Breeze Moving Everywhere & Making Everybody's Mind Still, Cool & Relaxed. I Was Very Much Cool Minded, Relaxed And Just Had One Determination, That I Shall Definitely Run On The Track. Participation Was Important Than, Wining The Prize For Me :)  :) To My Surprise, I Won Gold Medal Along With The Trophy :) :)

This Tale Inspired The Young Athletic And She Too Became Self Confident & Determined. She Had A Year With Her. She Made It. She Definitely Won The Race & Proved Her Ability. She Took The Medal & Trophy To The Grandma, Who Guided Her  Succeed. From Then On, They Both Were More Than The Grandma & Grandchild. 

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Image Courtesy :- Kiara

Friday, December 31, 2010

Wish You All A Very Happy New Year :) :)

How beautiful the turning of the year!

A moment artificial yet profound :)

Point upon an arbitrary chart

Passing like a breath upon the heart,

Yearning with anticipation wound,

New hope new harbonavy in old-fashioned cheer.

PS :- Thanks A Lot For All Your Compliments For The Previous Post, "Walking". 

"PPS :- Wish You All A Very Happy And Prosperous New Year"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Walking On The Path
Adjacent To Your Window.
Lights off ....I
Know That Its
Night To Say
Goodnight. Sleep Well. Sweet Dreams!!!!!!

PS :- First Time Tried To Write An Acro Poem. Hope Its Quite Better!!!!!! 

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Acrostic Only. 


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Special Heart To A Special Sis!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Never in my dreams had thought to meet you,
Never had a feeling to get a friend,
For the decision of god,
To make meet such a special person,
To view my feelings and ideas.

That was a day to be holiday,
People in sleep and birds in rest,
That was a day to be wonderful,
For the morning breeze to touch my heart,
That was the day of my life,
To meet an angel in the dark.

The days we spent together are less,
But the memories which we have created have wonders,
It may b a game of play or a play of dreams,
Yet to find you to be the maker.
May not be those days to return, but undying memories to grave in my heart.

For the person like you, adds difference to my life,
May be you are far from me but not from my heart,
A day of life with you,
Never to depart from you,
But to be there like the light of the star,
So much caring and understanding,
Is my sis simple yet loving!!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Friend of Thought.

Sun gives its light in day, but the moon at night,

Stars twinkle at night, but you at light,

Day starts with a glowing sun, but ends with your smile,

Night starts with a dying sun, but rising up with you,

For the friend who is waiting for,

Why can’t you lend your hand??

Never this friend would make you lonely,

Never would make you cry,

Never this friend would lose your trust,

Never would hurt you,

Never this friend would lose faith on you,

But would stand beside you, for your joys and sorrows,

For the friend who cares about you,

Why can’t you trust??

Never make your decision so early, not to regret later,

May be a trust on one unknown,

May be a word of belief,

May be a way for one to be your friend,

For the girl being so simple,

Why can’t that one be me??

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is that you?

May be she is not the first for others, but the only one for me,
Her face may be same for others but too different for me,
Her eyes which glittered the fragrance of innocence, opened her mouth to reveal the same,
The way she looks like the beauty of the flowers,
The person who made a gentle rement,
Is that you??

Her way of talk that impressed the most,
Her way of walk that increased her impression,
The girl who first stood at a great height,
Is that you??

Never had I felt to have a picture of yours in my mind,
What is that for which I lost my view?
For the person like you, it’s different to be with you,
The girl who shuttered my sleep,
Is that you??

May not be the happy day for others to be with you,
But just a dying one day for me,
Never had I felt would meet a person like you,
May not be the first for others, but will be the last one for me,
Never I let you go, for given a chance to be with you,
Far you stay, nearer you will be,
For the one whom I would love to care,
Is that you??

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What A Beautiful Day It Was!!!!!!!!!!!

What a beautiful day it was,

When the sun rose to shine,

Rays to fall and water to clear,

Pale as red the ocean water looked.

What a beautiful day it was,

Making to look at the morning sun,

To create the image on the water stand,

Never to depart till the end of the day.

What a beautiful day it was,

For the birds to sing,

And the nature to smile,

For the trees to dance in the morning breeze.

Sun to follow the rays,

And the people to work for the day,

Not to like the rays of the noon,

But still to be with the bright sun.

It’s time for you to go,

And to rise again with new waves,

Not to send you so early,

Yet left to respect the ways of nature,

What a beautiful day you brought,

For all who loved to drought,

Hoping to see you again,

Here I lye on my bed!!!!