Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Friend of Thought.

Sun gives its light in day, but the moon at night,

Stars twinkle at night, but you at light,

Day starts with a glowing sun, but ends with your smile,

Night starts with a dying sun, but rising up with you,

For the friend who is waiting for,

Why can’t you lend your hand??

Never this friend would make you lonely,

Never would make you cry,

Never this friend would lose your trust,

Never would hurt you,

Never this friend would lose faith on you,

But would stand beside you, for your joys and sorrows,

For the friend who cares about you,

Why can’t you trust??

Never make your decision so early, not to regret later,

May be a trust on one unknown,

May be a word of belief,

May be a way for one to be your friend,

For the girl being so simple,

Why can’t that one be me??


  1. This poem is beautifully felt as it's read. Lovely throughout. Thank you for your kind visit to my blog. Enjoy your day!

  2. Beautiful dedication to the frnds..:)

  3. Beautiful Lines. Very Well Written.