Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winning The Race With Time & Patience.

Ambitious Filled Young Girl, An Athletic Had Practiced For Almost 5Yrs To Participate In The 10000m's Running Competition. One Day On Her Way Back Home From College, She  Met With An Accident & Her Left Leg Was Seriously Injured Along With The Knee Fracture. She Lost All Her Hopes When She Got Back Conscious Lying On The Bed In Hospital.

The Orthopedic Also Said That, She Couldn't Run Anymore. Tissues In Her Legs Are Severely Damaged. He Explained The Injury Caused To Her. She Almost Died Mentally Listening To What Doctor Said. After Two Days, She Met A Old Woman Who Also Occupied An Empty Bed In The Same Ward. Old Woman Unable To See Girl's Tears, Asked The Reason of Her Silent Cries. The Girl Narrated Entire Happening.

Then, Old Woman Being A Caring Grandma, Said The Girl That, She Too Was An Athletic. She Had Received Many Gold Medals. When, She Had To Participate In Olympic Games Fell Down During Her Practice. Her Knee And Ankle Joint Was Fractured. Doctor Said Not To Participate Anymore. But, I Was Determined, Self Confident And Told Doctor That, I Will Definitely Participate. I Had Hardly 6months Left With Me To Cope Up And To Build Up The Same Stamina To Run For 10000M's.

Finally, God's Grace Within 4Weeks Equal To One Month I Almost Started Walking And Within 2 More Weeks I Started Running Slowly. Like This Steadily I Increased My Speed And Devoted Most of The Time In Practicing In Race.

And Finally, The Day of Competition Arrived Like A Breeze Moving Everywhere & Making Everybody's Mind Still, Cool & Relaxed. I Was Very Much Cool Minded, Relaxed And Just Had One Determination, That I Shall Definitely Run On The Track. Participation Was Important Than, Wining The Prize For Me :)  :) To My Surprise, I Won Gold Medal Along With The Trophy :) :)

This Tale Inspired The Young Athletic And She Too Became Self Confident & Determined. She Had A Year With Her. She Made It. She Definitely Won The Race & Proved Her Ability. She Took The Medal & Trophy To The Grandma, Who Guided Her  Succeed. From Then On, They Both Were More Than The Grandma & Grandchild. 

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Image Courtesy :- Kiara